Accutane- when and how to take it

The main things are that it is prescribed by your doctor. Do not take it without consultation with your doctor. It is the best and effective treatment for treating the acne problem. Due to this medicine, you may face some serious side effects that are why doctor’s advice is a must. It comes in a different form as like capsule and gel which you can apply on your skin.

You should need to talk to your doctor about that when you should take and how to take this medicine. If you are a beginner to taking it, then 0.5 mg in a day is an ideal selection. Your doctor prescribes you to take this capsule twice in a day. The dosage of the medicine depends on your body weight. Make sure that when it work properly after a meal or snack.

  • What happens if you forget to take it?

If you forget to take this dosage of medicine Accutane, then take it as soon as possible. If you are unable to remember on the same day, then you should skip that dose. Do not take the double dose for a missed dose.

You should not miss the dose if you don’t remember then you can set an alarm which helps to remind you.

  • Take too much

It is the main reason for suffering from the Side Effects of it. If you take a high dose, then it is very harmful to your health. For the quick result, most of the people take its high dose, but they don’t know how it is harmful to their health.

If you do it, then you need to take proper treatment and for that make an immediate call to your doctor. You will face some symptoms of overdose Accutane, and that is- severe headache, vomiting and any allergic reactions.

  • Change your dose

You should not change your dose according to you. After a few days of this medicine your professional changes your dose. If you don’t give a better response, then your doctor prescribes your high dose of this capsule.

If you require a low dose, then they set you according to that.

Final verdict

In the ending, you know that it is very harmful to your health if you take Accutane without prescription from the doctor. In the points as you see above, we cover most of the important things which you should know about the medicine.