How to deal with Accutane side effects?

If you are looking for the best method for treating the acne problem, then you must select the accutane for that. Due to this, you may face some of the adverse effects, sometimes it becomes severe that’s why you should need to maintain its side effects if you see the symptoms.

In this post, you are getting information related to that how you can able to deal with some symptoms of the Accutane. If you are facing, then you are able to cope with them after knowing that things.

What to do about:-

Here are some tips which are beneficial for you to cope with the side effects of the medicine.

  • Dry skin or lips

It is one of the side effects that you face when you take this medicine. If you are also suffering from that, then you must apply the moisture on your skin and lip balm on your lips. You should use lukewarm water rather than hot. If you have sensitive skin, then you should opt for the oil-free moisturizer.

  • Sensitive to sunlight

Some of the people face from these side effects of the medicine, and that is their skin is becoming more sensitive towards sunlight. If you have to go outside from your home then must wear the protecting cloth and apply sunscreen. Even on cloudy days you need to apply oil-free sunscreen which has SPF 15 or more than that.

  • Dry eyes

For getting relief from the dry eyes, you must consult with your doctor and opt for the eye drops. If you are wearing the contact lens then maybe it is uncomfortable for you then avoid wearing this contact lens. You should wear glasses while taking Accutane.

  • A headache and joint and back pain

If you are experiencing headache, joint pain, muscles pain and back pain then you must ask from your doctor to recommendation of painkiller. Avoid heavy exercise, you can be able to take some light exercise, but due to this, you get a result after a long period.

  • Dry mouth and nose

To maintain your dry mouth try sugar-free chewing or sweets. With this, your dry mouth problem will be resolved.

If you are suffering from the dry nose and due to this your nose bleeds. Then you should apply a thin layer of Vaseline inside your nose.

Finally, we are telling you about the following things which help you to cope with the side effects of Accutane. You need to follow these things, and you will find it much beneficial.