Side effects

What are the side effects of taking the accutane?

Accutane is a type of drug which prevents you from many kinds of severe acne problems. It is like as vitamin A, and excessive use of it can build your tissues then it can become a problem. You should avoid taking vitamin A when you are taking this accutane for solving your acne problem.

Accutane also do a great job for cleaning your skin, but there are also plenty of side effects. In the market, you will find them in various brands and Accutane is one of the famous brands which is no longer in the market.

Side effects:-

Various side effects of taking the accutane are going to discuss here. You must look for this when you are going to take this accutane treatment.

  • Skin and hair

As we know that with the help of taking accutane you can remove your acne and you can get a result after some time of using it. There are so many side effects ts os using it as like dry skin, lips and you will also suffer from the itchiness due to the dryness.

Maybe you can also face dry nose problem due to this your nose bleeds. When you are going to take this, then you don’t go under sunrays without using protection. You should use good quality sunscreen and need proper skin care Accutaneduring your treatment.

  • Reproductive system

Taking the accuatne also affects your reproductive system as like you can also need to take pregnancy tests if you want to use it. You should don’t get pregnant after stopping your accuatne treatment.

If you are pregnant, then you can’t take this, and you need to ask with your doctor and ask them for the right way. It can also increase pressure on your brain and blood. If you are taking it in during your pregnancy, then you can birth your baby having an underdeveloped brain and small head.

  • Central nervous system

It also can affect your nervous system like you feel tiredness and headache problems due to this. You are also suffering from temporary hearing loss, and in some cases, it may be permanent.

Some of the people change their mood much time they are feeling irritability and sadness during their treatment.

Well, these are the following side effects of taking the Accutane without any prescription of a doctor or maybe you can’t take proper care of your body and skin when your treatment is going on.