Accutane- benefits and risk

Accutane is the brand name of the name of the drug which is Accutane/isotretinoin. It is also a derivative of vitamin A that’s why doctor advice that you should not take any vitamin when you take this medicine. Through this, you can able to get relief from the severe acne problem. Its dosage depends on the acne.

Work of this medicine is that it shrinks the oil glands which cause the can problem. You must consider the benefits and risk of this medicine if you get the better result through this.


First, we are going to discuss the benefits of this medicine. There are several benefits of it when you take medicine. Such as-

  • With the help of this, you can able to reduce the severe acne problem and protect your skin from the oil glands. Reduce the naturally occurring bacteria which are the main reason for acne problem.
  • If you are becoming tired after trying many things from the acne problem, then it is the last option for you, and it gives you an effective result which you want.
  • If your acne problem is going for once, then it is good, but if it comes back, then it becomes a severe problem.

Several benefits of Accutane are listed above. You will get these benefits if you use this medicine for acne problem.

Risk of accutane

After considering their benefits, you should also know about the risks of accutane. It is also essential as like benefits-

  • Due to this medicine, you can face severe dryness of skin and irritation
  • If you take in pregnancy, then it can cause birth defects.
  • Do not take it without taking the prescription from the doctor. It may be harmful to you
  • There is a relationship between accutane and depression, anxiety and bowel diseases
  • It can also increase the cholesterol level

These are some risks of Accutane if you don’t take it accurately. To reduce their risk, you should take it the proper way. The doctor will also tell you about their positives and negatives and must look on them and after that; you can able to take it.


In conclusion, we conclude that you will get much treatment which helps you with acne but Accutane Online is the best option for those people who tried lots of things and don’t take the proper result. You should use it very safely, and with your responsibility then it gives you a better result.