Self care tips while consuming accutane

Are you suffering from severe acne problem and looking for the best treatment? Then you should consider the accutane. It gives you a better result if you are being tired after trying many things and you don’t get your desired result. When you start to take this medicine then must consult with your doctor.

When you take the medicine, then you should know about some health care tips which prevent you from their side effects. Here we are going to tell you about those tips, need to follow if you want to get a better result from this medicine Accutane.


  • You should take it when your doctor prescribes you to take. Also, take it at the same time of every day with that meal which contains some fats.
  • When you take it then must avoid consuming the grapefruit.
  • If you are experiencing dry eyes, then don’t wear the contact lens.
  • You have the risk of infection that’s why you need to stay away from those people who has a cold, fever.
  • You must keep your hand clean.
  • If you want to treat the mouth sores, then you have to use a soft tooth brush and rinse three times in a day.
  • Due to this medicine, you will also face a headache and blurred vision that’s why you don’t drive a car or that work in which vision is required.
  • You also need to use the sunscreen when you go outside from your home.
  • If you are habitual to take alcohol then must avoid or take it in a limited amount because it may be very dangerous for your health.
  • You need to take complete rest and maintain your healthy diet.
  • If you are experiencing any side effects, then make an immediate call to your doctor and ask for a Accutane proper treatment.

Monitoring and testing

When you take it, then your doctor monitor you regularly for checking its adverse effects and your response towards it. They should also take a blood test to check your level of fat and cholesterol through a blood test.

Final say

While you are going to take this medicine for dose treating your problem of severe acne then must know about these tips which are above- mentioned. You need to remember these tips when you go to take this medicine on a doctor’s recommendation.